Intake Session (1.5 to 2 hrs)


An intake session is the initial consultation and always the first step for our services and support. This session is one on one, and involves just you and your therapist. We recommend that children should ideally not attend, and this is because it is so important that we are able to discuss and share information with you freely. It also gives you an opportunity to express yourself honestly and authentically.

We will engage in authentic and meaningful discussion about what is going on for your child and this includes a detailed discussion of all aspects of your child/children and your family’s world. We explore early in life experiences, development, and attachment experience. This discussion and time together will then help us to decide how we may work most effectively with you, and what the treatment plan may look like. This is a truly collaborative process, and therefore works to utilise the insight and experience from our parents and caregivers, as the most integral part of the therapy process.

Please note:  There may be some instances when your practitioner may feel additional time may be needed to best understand you and your family, and additional sessions may be proposed.


Please find below a detailed outline of what you and your child can expect during our sessions together, and for an outline of fees for our services. 

We welcome all enquiries and referrals, including NDIS self-managed and plan-managed clients. If your child is a client of the NDIS, and you are not sure how to move forward, we are very happy to engage with you, and/or your allocated plan manager to discuss how play therapy may be able to support you and your family.



Sessions (45 minutes)

 All therapeutic sessions are usually between 45 minutes in duration, and this may depend on the age of your child/young person and their individual needs, as well as the needs and treatment goals identified along the way. They ideally occur on a weekly basis and take place on consistent days and times to ensure predictability and prioritisation of therapy.

Interplay (parent child sessions) sessions are also 45 minutes in duration and ideally take place weekly, on consistent days and times, to ensure predictability and prioritisation of your therapy. This means that you and your child/dependent can ensure this special play time is set aside.


Parent consultation sessions (50 minutes)

Parent involvement and consultation is very important when working with little ones under 15 years of age. As it is often difficult, and not often advisable to provide updates and information in front of a child, we set aside a time just with you. Parent consultation sessions are a great way for us to touch base, ask questions and measure change along the way. These sessions enable you as caregivers to be fully part of the process and fully informed about your child’s therapeutic journey. The schedule of these parent sessions is usually every 5th session however sessions can be arranged to meet the needs of you and your family.

Session Fees


Session Fees 

 Intake Session:

This includes a thorough session, getting to know you and your child, your family system, developmental history and the and the formation of Treatment Planning and Goals.



 Standard Sessions


  • Parent Consultations.
  • Individual expressive therapeutic Sessions.
  • Interplay Sessions – Parent and Child Sessions.


At this stage we are unfortunately unable to offer rebates through Medicare or HICAPS. 

Phone consults: 

There are often times we are contacted to engage in discussions with carers about a child or children in their care, and they may wish to know a little more. Refer below for possible additional fees that may be incurred.

Fee Structure (self-funded):

  • Up to 15 min: No fee incurred  

  • 15-30 min: up to $95. 

  • 30-60 min: standard session rate (up to $190)

Formal Legal Requirements:

  • If your clinician is required to attend court or any legal/formal proceedings in relation to your child/family, the party responsible will be invoiced a fee per day to cover lost earnings.

Holding your place at the service (planned/carer approved leave)

At the Play Therapy Studio we understand that life can be busy and there are often some competing demands that pop up day to day. We do try to keep this mind when we work and support your family, however we also do need to also take into consideration the needs of our practitioners, shared accountability, and the overall service provision and clinic management.

​Children may miss a reasonable number of sessions (planned absence excluding late cancellations and holiday period), per school term. In the event that more than one planned session is missed (illness may of course be an exception), this will incur a holding fee of 50%, given a weekly time slot is not easily able to be rescheduled to alternative families. This charge may be at the discretion of practice management, and we will of course consider those circumstances that may be more extenuating.

Planned school holiday cancellations will be discussed individually, between clients and clinicians during the school terms; with consideration given to the longer Christmas Holidays.

**PLEASE NOTE:     All session fees (with the exception of Plan-managed Clients) must be settled at the time of services rendered. EFTPOS and Credit Card facilities are available at the premises. 


Professional External Supervision & Consultation (Play Therapy/Interplay Therapy and Social Work):

This can be offered in person or online. Contact Kate for more information. 


Additional information for families

We do try our very best to ensure that the therapist is on time, but we do like to acknowledge openly, that we know this can happen at times – after all we are all human! It could be that we are running a little over perhaps or that we may be managing something that is time sensitive.  If this happens, we will ensure your child is able to spend the full session in the playroom as planned. Unfortunately, if you are running late and we have not had a chance to sort out alternative arrangements, the session will finish at the original designated time.

(*please also note: the designated time for our sessions may include the therapeutic session time, in addition to the cleaning of the room following and in between sessions, and the necessary administration and correspondence requirements needed to support our clients outside session times. This may include phone calls, case notes, emails, and meetings in various forms).


How our time together works