Connecting families through play

At the Play Therapy Studio, we offer a safe and therapeutic space where children and caregivers can explore and express themselves through play-based therapies, in a way that is real, playful and authentic.

We engage children and caregivers in evidence-based counselling approaches, that aim to strengthen their emotional well-being, resilience, and mental health, and offer the potential for healing and growth in and out of the playroom. Through using play as the primary means of communication during therapy, caregivers and children can work on their unique needs and challenges in a way that can work for them, and at a pace that is comfortable.

We work with children and caregivers to:

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Feel more validated and connected, so they can gain important insight into, and develop their emotional resilience and capacity for personal growth.

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Form understanding around regulation and co-regulation and learning how to sense their own internal emotional states.

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Form a greater sense of self-confidence and self-awareness so things can feel more manageable, safe, and predictable.

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Help strengthen relationships and connections in their world.

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Be able to form healthier ways to communicate and cope.
Kate Hill - - The Play Therapy Studio Melbourne

About Us

Our Play Therapists are Social Workers who share a passion for supporting families and children through all kinds of experiences. They have a minimum qualification of Bachelor or Social Work and have completed the Advanced Clinical Program in Play Therapy. All therapists engage in expert supervision from accredited supervisors.

The Play Therapy Studio can support Self-managed and Plan-managed NDIS Clients.